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Shikha-madam_lodha, New Look School

“Education is movement from Darkness to light”

Education is development of mind. It is rightly said that it begins from the womb to the tomb. As a child takes birth into this world, the child is introduced to new things and varied experiences are the initial learning. As the child grows the mind opens and the horizon of knowledge widens. When the child enters the portals of school with kindergarten, then the horizon of knowledge further widens with languages and subjects. This knowledge not only inculcates a spirit to cherish life but also teaches to learn from past and build the present to create a beautiful future.

Everything that is learnt decides the quality of life in future. An individual’s intelligence depends on heredity and environment. We cannot change the heredity of any individual but we can definitely change the environment wherein the individual is able to grasp and keep oneself abreast of the things around them. Hence our teachers at New Look Central School are always concerned and working towards how to enhance the learning environment to stimulate learning and achievement to the fullest extent.

Each child is different. Therefore here we try and help each child to develop self confidence, ability of expression, social behavior, right attitude towards teachers, classmates and environment and to develop various life skills. We also promote various co-curricular activities along with academics like Yoga, Art and Craft, Music, Physical Education. Thus, taking care of the overall personal development of the child. I strongly believe that education is a continuous and never ending process. Our main aim is to foster a team spirit and encourage a sense of responsibility and self discipline amongst students to develop leadership qualities.

I would just conclude by saying that “Nothing is impossible in this world . If a child is taught to keep on trying with confidence in one’s own abilities then no goal or dream seems far fetched.”

New Look School is the best CBSE school in Lodha

Mrs. Shikha Kothari


New Look Central School
Kothari Haveli