Meditation been scientifically proven to help alleviate stress after eight weeks of regular practice.

Numerous studies have shown that meditation is an effective stress-management tool, ultimately reprogramming the brain to the extent that meditators end up with more capacity to manage stress (when meditation is a consistent, daily practice).

In training the mind to be more open and less reactive, we are better able to cope when life’s stressors — in career, family, relationship, school, college, finances, even traffic — start accumulating. Meditation is an art for your body which helps you increase your capacity for mindfulness and supports many attitudes that contribute to a satisfied life. It Accepts the presence of the emotions without judgment and lets them go.

I go by this quote which Sri Sri Ravishankar says “meditation is the journey from the sound of silence, from movement to stillness,from a limited identity to unlimited space.

Vinita Joshi - New Look School Banswara

Mrs. Vinita Joshi