We are living in difficult times. It is difficult for children to come to school or step out of the house to play. In fact, this may be the first time that our students have spent their entire summer vacation indoors.

This is a good opportunity for parents to spend quality time with their children. Do meaningful activities with your child – like play an educational game, watch movies together or narrate a story.

On our part, New Look School Sagwara wants our students to continue to learn and grow. That’s why even through the worst days of Covid 19 we are covering the new academic year syllabus through Zoom classes.

We understand that attending school physically is important for children. But the school is concerned about children’s safety and that’s why we will open school only when it is safe for them to attend classes.

I thank the children, parents, all teachers and staff at New Look School Sagwara for standing together as a family in the time of this pandemic. I am sure tough times will pass and each one of us will go back to our beloved school again.