Mind boggling and Magnificent performance by New Lookians: Our students Darshil Jain S/o Mr. Abhishek Jain studying in class IV B and Lay Dwivedi S/o Mr. Niranjan Dwivedi studying in class VIII A and Aakarshika Singh D/o Mr.Bhupendra Pratap Singh gave their stunningly impressive performance in the 14th State Level UCMAS Competition 2020. In the Competition which was held in Jaipur, Darshil Jain gave correct 190 answers out of 200 questions in just 8 minutes and went on to win second runner up prize. Lay Dwivedi won prize in G-3 category among the seniors and Aakarshika singh won 5th Runner up position. New Look family is extremely happy at the victory march of these three students. Deputy director of New Look School, Mr. Deep Kothari while presenting the prize to Darshil Jain mentioned it is important to note that the students in the institution excel in many fields.