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Heads Boy & Girl

Head Boy Speaks


“There are thousands of people walking on the streets. But there is no one to look at me and greet. Because I am a stranger to all of them, so lost that no one comes to ask me my name.”

I really felt this when I first started just as Radhe Panchori, a normal student like others at New Look Central School. My journey as a student of this school started the day when I first stepped into the school premises, it was a very unique and usual, lonely starting point. I didn’t have any charism. I was totally riddled at first. My every statement went retracted on that day. A lot of deviation caused retrogression in me. My way of walking was like limping.

If my story of life ends then the chapter of this school will be the most beautiful chapter of my story. Now I’m in class XII and you can see me where I am. It was all your support which gave me strength to stand for the cause.

The duty of Head Boy is obviously a noble duty, and the day when I came to know that I’ve been selected for this duty, I was like a bird chirping in the sunshine. It seemed really chimerical to me. I really want to thank all the teachers and students for having faith and trust in me.

According to me, this was only possible because they saw articulation in me. I assure all my colleagues that I’ll try to pull out all my hidden qualities out of confinement and chime like a bell. I’ll not search my identity into others or I’ll not convert myself into an abomination. I promise that I’ll not walk over people rather I’ll prefer to fly with the help of my own wings all over the sky.

As it is the last year of my blazing school life, I wish to give my concern to the school and make this moment unforgettable. My school life might end in a few months but the memories of this school will last forever. All that laughter, smile, fun and even those scolding’s and crest and trough are like carving on stones for me.

At last I would like to quote:
“Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world right in the eye” – Hellen Keller

This is the kind of leadership qualities I have developed under the guidance of my Great Teachers.

I’ll miss my school days

Purud Pathak
Head Boy
New Look Central School

Head Girl Speaks


Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless – Mother Teresa

I have been a part of this school for many years and witnessed all the good and unforgettable moments of it. I felt overwhelmed when my name was announced as the Head girl of the school. Being the Head Girl is really a matter of great delight.

I owe my heartiest thanks to our respected Principal Ma’am for considering me worthy of being the Head Girl and guiding me from time to time. I also thank all my teachers who have left no stone unturned to carve the students and help them in their all-round development. In the beginning when this responsibility was given to me, I had felt that it was quite a difficult job to be performed. But very soon I realized that it was not so. It was great fun doing so and this responsibility requires a lot of patience.

As a man without patience is a lamp without oil. And for me responsibility and reputation matter a lot. “When I did well, I heard it never; when I did ill, I heard it ever” is an old English proverb but has a deep meaning inside. So, I always tried my best to receive well wishes from the teachers, the students also for my job which I was performing.

As a head girl, my only goal is to prove myself as a positive role model in this school so that even when I leave this school the school will remember me as a responsible & sincere head girl. This badge means a lot to me; it is a sign of my qualities which I possess, the trust and the faith which the teachers have on me. I will always try to maintain it as “Trust like the soul never returns once it is gone.”

At last, I would like to sum up just by saying –
“My goal as Head Girl is always to be inspired and be inspiring”.


Charu Joshi
Head Girl
New Look Central School

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