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Teaching and Learning

Our teachers focus on nurturing knowledge and skills essential for success in the 21st century. So they make use of flipped classroom, project –based learning, brain-storming sessions, role plays, lab experiments and self /peer evaluation to make learning more engaging and effective. 

Our educational programs help our students:

  • To be creative and innovative.
  • To develop confidence to work with information and ideas.
  • To be a respectful citizen, contribute to the community and address global changes.
  • To become a responsible individual who enjoys a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle.
  • To become a reflective learner.

Meet our Mentors

Kalpesh Nagar/Accounts

Experience – 25yrs Sub. – Accounts M.Com., M.Phil., (Business Administration), B.ed.

Dr. Anupam Mehta/Economics

Experience – 27yrs Sub. – Economics P.hd, M.Com.(EAFM), M.A. (ECONOMICS), M.Ed.

Manish Bhavsar/Business Study

Experience – 12yrs Sub. – Business Study M.Com. (ABST) B.Ed., UGC NET., RPSE SET

Roymon Km/English

Experience – 26yrs Sub. – English M.A. Eng. Literature.B.Ed.

Dinesh Buriya/English

Experience – 20yrs Sub. – English M.A. Eng. Literature.B.Ed.

Dr. Azmat Rana /Informatics Practices

Experience – 18yrs Sub. – Informatics Practices PhD (CS)

Nidhi Joshi/Informatics Practices

Experience – 6yrs Sub. – Informatics Practices M.C.A.
dr azmat rana

Dr. Mukesh Shakya/Maths

Experience – 10yrs Sub. – Maths M.Sc (Maths), B.Ed, PhD

Sakshi Sisodiya/Fine Arts

Experience – 2yrs Sub. – Fine Arts M.A Fine Arts, B.ed

Himanshu Mehta/Fine Arts

Experience – 16yrs Sub. – Fine Arts M.A, B.ed

Lalit Pal Singh/Physical Education

Experience – 20yrs Sub. – Physical Education M.A, MP.ED

Niwas Ahir/Physical Education

Experience – 10yrs Sub. – Physical Education M.A, MP.ED